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Management & Reporting Software for Early Childhood & Community Services

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Welcome to My COPA “Child Outcome, Planning & Administration.” If you are looking for Head Start/ Early Head Start Software, and Program and Data Management solutions, then you have come to the right place.  We have a fully hosted, web-based, turn-key solution to fulfill all your needs.  Here is some information about who we are, and what we do.

Who We Are

COPA by Nulix International Inc was founded in 1994 as an active technology provider to Head Start Programs, offering Head Start and Early Head Start Software.  For the last 18 years,  we have been dedicated to providing easy to use, and reliable technology to Head Start programs all over the country.  We are your source for web-based child and family outcomes, assessments and data management initiatives for Head Start programs and Community Action Programs (CAP).

What We Do

COPA provides a highly customizable, scalable and powerful Head Start and Early Head Start software. Since our goal is to gain your 100% satisfaction, we provide events and webinars to help educate people about our technologies, offer training and support by COPA Certified trainers, and because we love to bring smiles to children’s faces, we manage a donation program called Joya Fund that helps families all over the US.  For details on what we provide, see below:

Head Start and Early Head Start Software:

16 years of continuous development in collaboration with early childhood and human services has led to COPA.  COPA is an application that provides the following benefits:

  • 100% Web Based
  • Online Family Recruitment
  • Powerful, Scalable, and Customizable
  • User Friendly
  • Real Time Data Collection, Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting, Organizational Work-flow, Referrals
  • Secured File Sharing Capabilities
  • Family Engagement Templates
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Customizable Sky Desktop
  • Digital Signature and Digital Library
  • Automated Attendance

Developed with Community Action Agencies in mind, COPA CAP provides program and data management solutions such as:

  • Fully Customizable Family Service Eligibility and Family Service Tracking Module
  • Assessment tools to help provide community services like:
    • Job Training, Housing Assistance, Food Pantry, Pregnancy Needs, Weatherization, and more
  • An excellent system for tracking a full range of services to individuals, families, and their children
  • Customizable Assessment Platform, and more…

Our Document Management & Routing module fulfills your program and data management needs by:

  • Automating paper driven processes such as:
    • Purchase Orders, Staff Time Sheets, Work Orders, Maintenance Forms and more…
  • Cutting printing and mailing costs, allowing for a more cost effective way of approving, appending, and finalizing documents between multiple offices

Our Digital Document Library helps your agency by:

  • Utilizing a safe Cloud-Based Server for uploading and organizing documents
  • Allowing you to send COPA generated documents directly to eDocs

Our Inventory & Asset Management module offers the following solutions:

  • Provides a centralized database to help your agency manage, control, protect, and audit inventory
  • Creates a more efficient procurement process

Our On-Going Site Monitoring & Audits provide your agency with:

  • Automated, real-time site self-assessment and monitoring
  • Enables site visits, compliance gaps and findings documentation,  and track action plans
  • Real-time reporting, statistical analysis and alerts

Our Staff Collaboration & Efficiency cloud-based utility and productivity solution allows your agency to:

  • Gain Mobility
  • Increase data safety
  • Save money on operating, software, and hardware costs

Our Automated Attendance head start and early head start software help your agency to:

  • Create and implement child ID cards for more efficient and accurate Attendance and Meal Count
  • Keep your staff alert on child safety information such as food allergies and authorized guardianship pick-up

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