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Frequently Asked Reporting Questions

Reporting is the best way Head Start, Early Head Start, and CAP agencies can monitor their programs and reveal whether they are achieving their goals. In addition to state and federal requirements, many Head Start, Early Head Start and CAP programs use reports to inform their decisions. When it comes to organizing data, COPA is the preferred all-in-one data management solution with robust reporting.

With so many changes and restrictions happening due to COVID-19, Head Start administrators are looking for simple and easy-to-use reports.

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to share some frequently asked questions we receive about COPA reporting. And the customizable solutions we offer.

Here’s What Head Start Directors Want to Know …

1. What Kinds of Reports are Availble in COPA?

COPA has 22 reporting categories, with 200+ built-in reports. From Attendance, Nutrition, and Health Screenings, to Case Management and Organizational, there are hundreds of ways to customize reporting.

For example, the Chronic Absence Report will help you determine which children are at risk or are currently chronically absent. The data will help you come up with a plan to reconnect with the family via text messages, emails, or planned visits.

Organizational reports are particularly useful for Head Start and Early Head Start agencies with multiple sites. With reporting options like site profiles, class and teacher profiles, and funded slots by site, you’ll see a panoramic view of program performance. Filtering options within the reports help you quickly pull the information you need. You also have options to view a list of possible duplicate children and track user activity.

Health Screening Reports include everything from medical history and developmental screenings, to and disability screenings and immunizations.

Referral tracking and volunteer reports will help you stay organized and proactive with follow-ups and contributions.

Goals and Partnership, as well as Family Reports, are particularly informative when it comes to tracking Child and Family Outcomes.

2. Is PIR Included in COPA?

Program Information Report (PIR) is a federal report submitted annually to the Office of Head Start. It provides comprehensive data for the services, staff, children, and families served by Head Start and Early Head Start. Data collected in COPA is automatically mapped to the PIR, and is indicated by an asterisk (*) on the application, child, and family data sheets. The Program Information Report (PIR) is set up with every subscription, and the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) report can be added to those programs offering CAP.

3. Does COPA Offer Data Visualization?

Absolutely! You can analyze reports in COPA in statistical tables or data visualization mode (charts, bars and graphs). Data visualization is a powerful tool for better understanding the data at hand. It’s much easier for the brain to synthesize information more efficiently, and remember it later.

4. Is COPA Reporting in Real Time?

Yes, it sure is. Because COPA is 100% web-based, all reports are in real time and available in tables, charts and graphs. You can pin frequently viewed reports to your dashboard, for immediate access to real time information.

5. Can You Download Reports?

Most reports are printable and available to save in PDF format.

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