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5 Reasons Why Inventory Management is Crucial for Head Start and CAP programs

Have you been stocking up on essentials like masks, sanitizers, and thermometers? Buying in bulk clearly has advantages. But it also requires a reliable system to stay organized and manage the supplies.

Unfortunately keeping accurate records is difficult to do by hand. It takes time, and if you make a mistake, it could have ripple effects that negatively impact your agency for months or years.

COPA Inventory management module is designed to help Head Start and CAP programs by automating their inventory tracking.

Why use COPA Inventory Management for Head Start and CAP programs?

1. Increase Efficiency and Save Time

For most Head Start (and CAP!) programs inventory management doesn’t need to be complicated. It does however need to be easy to use and reliable. The purpose of having an inventory tracking system is to increase efficiency and save time. If you’re still using spreadsheets and pivot tables to track your supplies, you’re likely wasting a ton of time and resources. Manually creating and sharing reports is another time suck, which can be optimized with an inventory managing software. Your staff will spend less time on data entry, and more time proving services to children and families.

2. Always know where your funding is coming from

Being able to categorize and assign funding sources for each transaction is an important feature of COPA Inventory. You can use existing categories, or create your own, to keep accurate records of where the money is coming from. This is crucial for agencies and delegates that run multiple funded programs.

3. Track how much you spend at the agency, site, and classroom level

Inventory management for most Head Start and CAP programs doesn’t need to be complicated. A basic inventory management system will help you stay organized with tracking what’s been purchased or donated at every level of operation. This includes managing donated time and services from volunteers.

4. Assign dollars values to purchases and donated services

With every new transaction, you can assign dollar values to any products purchased or services donated. For example, if you bought 10 boxes of masks on a wholesale discount, you can track the cost per unit. Or, manage the dollar amount of in-kind donations your agency receives in the form of volunteer time or professional services.

5. Quick access to real time inventory reports

Access real time inventory reports can mean the difference between a few minutes of review, and hours of compiling and formatting data. Having a panoramic view of what inventory is available and what needs to be ordered can also help alleviate possible gaps in the supply chains.


In Summary

To sum up, an inventory management system can help Head Start agencies keep accurate records of purchases and donations, for everything from personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies, to mobile devices and computers – in one convenient location.

With COPA Inventory, you’ll increase efficiency and save time, always know where funding is coming from, and track inventory and assets at every level, and quickly access real time inventory and asset reports.

The inventory module is available as an add-on feature in the COPA database. Once activated, the information is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your data.

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