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5 Things You Need to Know About Rollover

Your COPA database is designed around your unique needs. This includes your program start and end date.

Across the country Head Start and CAP providers are navigating changes to the programs and services they offer. Some agencies are introducing summer programs, while others may be dealing with shifts in funding and slot allocations. Some agencies are introducing summer programs, while others may be dealing with shifts in funding and number of funded slots.

As you evaluate your current and next academic year, take a moment to consider how these changes may impact your database. Adjustments can be made as needed to accommodate changes before your next Rollover.

If you need assistance to make adjustments, contact COPA Support through the support ticket system.

See below for more information about Rollover.

What is Rollover?

Rollover closes the current Program Year and initiates the new Program Year in your COPA database. The School Year then falls within the start and end dates of the Program Year. This could leave a possible gap between the start and end date of the new Program year, depending on whether one or more programs operate year round.

Why is it important?

Rollover is important and necessary because it ensures that all activity is organized by year for filtering and reporting purposes.

How do I prepare for Rollover?

Ideally, you should prepare for Rollover at least a month prior to the Program Year End date. This is known as pre-Rollover. Our Pre-Rollover checklist is a step-by-step guide to preparing your database for a successful Rollover.

During pre-Rollover it’s important to sort Child Next Year Preparation, review Assessments, and manually fix any enrollment errors.

When does rollover take place?

Once everything on the pre-Rollover check list is complete, a Rollover date is set. The best date for a rollover is the first day of your Next Year Program Year. Rollover takes place on 12.01am of the day you select.

Where does rollover happen?

Rollover takes place in COPA’s back end and usually lasts less than a minute. See above on how to prepare for Rollover.


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