7 Reasons You Need an All-in-One

Data Management Solution for Head Start and CAP

Are you tired of toggling between software screens to manage different programs your agency offers?


If you’re using multiple software, creating spreadsheets, or managing Head Start data with pivot tables, there is an easier way.

COPA’s all-in-one data management solution is a dynamic and powerful software for agencies that provide Head Start and CAP services.

You can collect and manage all child, family and staff information in one convenient location. Track enrollment, attendance, meals, immunization, development, and transportation, family income level, and staff professional development — all in one convenient location.

If the thought of double data entry and manual reporting stresses you out, it’s time to consider COPA’s reliable all-in-one platform.


7 BIG Reasons to Switch

1. Stay Organized with Multiple Funded Programs

Agencies that offer multiple funded programs need a way to keep ALL their records organized in one place. Rather than adding more software to the mix, many are opting for solutions that offer flexible and scalable options.

Imagine being able to see information for Head Start and CAP services in one easy to access location. Or what if you could connect all information about a child and family receiving multiple services? It’s possible with COPA’s all-in-one data management solution for Early Childhood Education and Community Action Program providers.


2. Eliminate Multiple Data Entry

You only need to enter information once, whether you’re adding a new child, family, or group of children. Once data is entered into your database, all of the information is mapped to multiple areas and portals within the software. You will no longer need to spend time manually double entering the data. This is a huge benefit, especially if you’re dealing with different programs each with their own requirements.


3. Save Time

Using an all-in-one data management software can help your agency save time and resources.

In addition to tracking and monitoring, an all-in-one solution can double as a reporting tool so that all outcomes are calculated automatically. (We’ll cover more about reporting in #7).


4. Connect Data

All of your program information is stored in the same software so you aren’t toggling between different windows and software solutions.

Managing data is challenging when the information is scattered across different systems with no way to connect the pieces. An all-in-one solution gives you the ability to store all information in an electronic library, which gives you quick and flexible access to what you need.

When of your information is stored in the same software, you don’t need to toggle between different windows and solutions. Most importantly, all data is safely stored on a web-based platform that is 100% HIPPA and FERPA compliant.


5. Lower Risk of Losing Data

You have a lower risk of losing data when it’s all in one place and you know exactly where to go to find the information you need. With an all-in-one solution you never sift through piles of paper, or go to the storage room for files from three years ago.

Data security should be another important consideration. Protecting client data is an important selling point for all-in-one solution providers, which is why they invest heavily into security. And you get the benefit of lowering your risk of being hacked.


6. Automatic Reporting

One of the most coveted features of an all-in-one solution is automatic reporting. Think about how much time you spent last year calculating the PIR? What about the time it took to gather and analyze data in the first place?

Automatic reporting means you can rest assured that the data you’ve collected is accurate and mapped correctly. Our robust reporting options include more than 200 build-in report with the ability to create SMART Reports that are designed to meet all specific needs of your programs.


7. Unlimited Learning and Training

When investing in an all-in-one software solution, you only need to learn one system instead of juggling multiple log-ins and workflows. And if you have questions, there’s a central place to get answers.

COPA clients enjoy unlimited training and customer support with team members who are familiar with Head Start and many Community Action programs, at no extra cost. This is why it is essential to do some research on the availability of ongoing customer service when considering a switch.



If you’re starting to see that a better way is possible with an all-in-one solution, wait until you see COPA in action!

Rather than listing all our features – which there are a lot – we invite you to book a LIVE demo with a knowledgeable consultant.

You’ll get a personalized panoramic view of COPA capabilities and how we can benefit your organization.

Or, you can email us at sales@mycopa.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.