Founded in 1994, Nulinx International Inc. is a recognized leading application service provider (ASP). It develops and serves software solutions that facilitate child and family data management and group interaction.

Across the nation, Nulinx provides web-based child and family outcomes, assessments and data management initiatives for Head Start programs and Community Action agencies. Following specific client requirements, it expands and adapts COPA–its signature child and family outcome and administration package. Nulinx furnishes services to grantees with multiple delegate agencies, single purpose agencies and county offices managing from 300 to 50,000 children.

Nulinx is a pioneer in bringing web-based applications to various prestigious organizations. These systems include specialty software, workflow automation, web design, data management and integration of automated tasks and procedures. Its facility is equipped with state of the art equipment. Its resources and development team are trained in the latest industry advancements.

As an active technology provider to Head Start programs, Early Childhood and Community Action Programs, Nulinx delivers educational, administrative and management web-based services. It offers enhanced automated child and family processes for the collection of data and reporting.