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Delivering scalable and customizable data management solutions to Early Childhood Education and Community Action Agencies for nearly 20 years.

About COPA

COPA is a web-based data management software solution for Early Childhood Education programs and Community Services.

For over 20 years, COPA’s all in one platform has been the answer and powerful system used by HeadStart, Family Child Care, Early Head Start, State Funded Pre-K, and Community Action Programs across the United States. COPA is scalable and can easily serve programs with multiple funding sources. Clients use the web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to track, manage, and monitor data and report outcomes. Every feature is fully customizable to meet the needs of agencies and at the federal, state, city, and local level.

In October 2021, COPA became part of KinderSystems, an industry leader in childcare subsidy management. KinderSystems provides innovative software solutions for state and local governments. Since the merger with COPA, KinderSystems has become the national leader in the publiclyfunded child care sector and will continue to transform the child care work across the nation. Clients include state governments, federally and state funded programs, childcare providers and other institutions in the United States.


Provide all-in-one data management solutions to Early Childhood Education and Community service agencies offering multiple program.


Help organizations efficiently collect, monitor, assess and report outcomes for multiple funded programs, with one software solution.


Enable greater transparency and accountability so that agencies, delegates and Grantees can have a deeper impact in their communities.

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