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3 Steps to Automate the Family Engagement Process

Engaging and goal-setting with families takes time and a lot of paperwork. Information comes in but it’s hard to keep organized without a proper data management system. Switching between spreadsheets or relying on post-it notes to track progress and follow-up is tedious and unreliable. Not to mention costly and totally inefficient.

Automation can help you save time and eliminate paperwork.

COPA’s data management solution lets you create assessments, set goals, and make referrals in one cloud-based system. Imagine all that paper in the form of online data, accessible 24/7 on literally any device.

Here’s our three-step workflow to automate the family engagement process.

Step 1: Create a Family Needs Assessment

A family needs assessment is at the heart of all Head Start and CAP services. You probably already have a solid one set up in a Word doc or spreadsheet. Your staff collects information about a family’s strengths, challenges, and priorities. Then manually reviews it to gain meaningful insights and create a plan.

It’s cumbersome, time-consuming and things often slip through the cracks.

Moving to an automated online solution can help you streamline assessments so that you always know what a family actually needs. Customizable assessment tools let you create dynamic questionnaires that accurately capture and track data. Filtering options make it easy to view and analyze data, so your staff can stay organized.

Step 2: Set Family Goals

Set goals and prioritize interests based on insights gained from assessments. Does a family need assistance with food? Maybe someone is looking for job training? Or parenting classes?

With just a few clicks Family Advocates can set up goals that address a family’s needs, monitor their progress, and track outcomes in one system. Our automated system also helps you set follow-up reminders, track status, and make referrals.

Step 3: Make Referrals

Create and track family referrals without ever leaving the database. Select a referral reason, service areas, and provider, capture notes, and set follow-up dates. You can refer to other areas with the agency, or external providers.

All the information is automatically stored and mapped to a family, so the information is always at your fingertips.


Give your agency the resources they need to be true advocates for the families you serve. Automating processes creates efficiency, saves time, and most importantly keeps your staff focused on what they do best.

Leave a note below if you’d like to see how COPA can help you automate your family engagement process.


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