Data Management Software for Early Childhood Education and Community Action Programs.

COPA is an all-in-one data management software solution for Early Childhood Education and Community Action Programs. We serve Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant, State Pre-K and locally designed program providers. Our software is designed to simplify and streamline data management and reporting for agencies offering multi-funded programs. Every feature is completely customizable to meet the unique needs of our clients.

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, COPA is completely web-based with no additional software installation required. This means whether you’re at from the office, in the field or from home, all data is available with an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

And best of all, our client support and ongoing training are available at NO ADDITIONAL COST with every annual subscription.

COPA Capabilities


A secure Electronic Documents Library that is HIPPA and FERPA compliant. Agencies can activate features like e-signatures, ID bar-code scanning, electronic sign-in/out, and document and image uploads.

Child Portal

The Child Portal allows agencies to view all available data including demographic, family, health and development, assessment, meals, enrollment, etc. about a child on one page.

Parent Portal

Parents can create a profile online, upload required documents, review their eligibility status, and see a list of available service providers in their area. All data is saved in COPA for future use.

Enrollment & Attendance

Centralized intake process with one point of data entry that connects and saves all child and family information and the services they are receiving, in one place.

Monitoring & Assessment

Agencies can plan a visit, set and assign tasks, perform site reviews and run reports. Reports can be filtered by agency, status report by author, and audit results.


More than 200 built-in reports, including PIR and CSBG report, are available to view program performance, self-assessments, and outcomes. Customized SMART reports can be also designed, saved and exported.


The assessment tool allows agencies can monitor, assess and report results for a child, family or staff in one place.

Fees & Payments

The Fees module helps service providers keep track of fees and payments. Users can generate invoices, track and allocate payments, and view reports. Multiple fee types can be set up with controlled access for users.

Community Action Program

Flexible access to track recruitment and applications, service eligibility, referral assignments, case management, fees, food, housing and clothing services for multiple programs and funding sources.

Text/Email Notifications

Email and text notifications can be used for announcements, emergencies and staying connected with families, as well as marketing and recruitment efforts.

Family Portal

View all data collected about a family on one page. Access to family profile, demographics, income level and information about services a family is receiving in one convenient place.

Card Scan

The Card Scan tool can be activated for child ID bar-code scanning and electronic sign-in/out for parents and staff.


Sign documents electronically and keep a digital record on file with the child or family information.

Mobile Responsive

COPA has a fully mobile responsive user interface so you can access on any device and the layout will automatically adapt to the screen size.

API Integration

Real-time data matching and exchange with any required software or system.


Take stock of inventory and track transactions for all programs, classrooms and site locations.

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