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To help Head Start agencies continue their Recruitment activities during COVID-19, COPA is offering a suite of online data management services – Parent Portal, Group Notifications, and eDocs – at no cost for two months, and no downloads required.

COVID-19 Update: COPA is committed to delivering reliable data management solutions to all clients. Our Developement and Client Support teams are working from home to help you stay organized and productive while observing social distancing.

We are here to serve you, so you can continue to serve others.

As you adjust to working from home, we are laser focused on delivering reliable recruitment tools so you can continue serving families and children in need.

New Clients receive the Recruitment Tools bundle at no cost for first two months.

Online Parent Portal

A convenient and centralized process for parents to apply for services online. It takes just a few minutes to create a profile and begin the application process.

Parents can fill in the family and child information, add income sources, choose a desired location, upload documents and electronic signatures, and submit their application.

Staff can view the application, verify eligibility, review missing information and convert it to a waiting list.

With the Parent Portal, agencies can maintain a channel of communication with parents while practicing social distancing.


Text and Email Notifications

Send text and email notifications to parents and staff from your COPA database. You can create and save a customized email, or use one of our built-in messages as a template.

Save time with group notifications by quickly sending messages to multiple receipients at once.

eDocs Digital Library

An electronic document (eDocs) library makes it easy to access information in your COPA database when you’re out of the office and working remotely.

You can log-in securely with an internet connection and without the hassle of downloading software apps or plug-ins.

Documents can be uploaded or downloaded as needed, with proper database access levels to ensure maximum security.

Book a Demo to Learn More

We’ll give you a personalized tour of COPA and show you the tools you need to keep your recruitment activities on track. Demonstrations take about an hour and you can ask questions along the way.

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