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Contactless Solutions for Head Start Providers

The sign-in and sign-out process has changed radically for many Head Start programs. Contactless solutions like electronic signatures and card scans have taken on a new role in order to adapt in a post-COVID world.

Programs are taking proactive measures to limit COVID-19 exposure for children, families, and staff. And looking for ways to use technology to capture signatures and manage temperature and health screenings.

Being able to collect and track this information in real time and on one platform is convenient and a HUGE time saver.

Contactless solutions that are designed specifically for Head Start and Early Childhood Education

COPA’s Card Scan module offers TWO ways of checking a child in and out.

First is the Digital Parent Sign-in option, which lets you capture electronic signatures right within the COPA database. Using a mobile device and stylus, signatures can be collected and managed in real time.

Once a parent signs a child in or out, their signature is captured with a time stamp and saved inside the COPA database.

This is particularly helpful for Head Start programs operating in states where “wet signatures” are a requirement. The signature can be generated as a report, upon request from an authorized access level user.

Second is the Card Scan feature which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Using a card scanner, staff can scan a child’s ID card to check them in and out. Which is much more efficient than having to manually scan papers and enter data at the end of the day. Plus, having it all in one place ensures that you can access a copy of any signature in just a few clicks.

As a side note, to further limit contact the same technology can be applied for staff and volunteer ID cards.

How COPA can help you manage temperature checks and health screenings

Our new enhancements to the Card Scan module make it easier to manage the entire check-in process. Both the parent digital sign-in and card scan options now include a way to track temperature and health screening questions.

The information is captured in real time for each child. Here’s what the sign-in page looks like for a card scan option.

The entire Card Scan module is included with your COPA subscription at no additional cost.

For a limited time we’re also offering a MEGA deal. Full access to COPA’s powerful platform, FREE for ONE YEAR. You’ll get the complete an all-in-one data management solution, custom designed database, help with integration and personalized customer support – at absolutely no cost for a full year.

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