COPA at NAEYC Conference in Los Angeles on Nov 2-5 2016

Meet COPA at NAEYC Conference in Los Angeles on Nov 2-5 2016









Let us show you how COPA can help your agency manage all your grants and programs on one platform. Head Start HS, Early Head Start EHS, Early Head Start Child Care Partnership EHS-CCP, State Funded Preschool, Community Action Programs, etc.

Manage all your programs (HS, EHS, CCP ‘Child Care Partnership’, CAP ‘Community Action Program’) on one platform

  • Fully Hosted Web-Based Turn-key Solution!
  • Your Database is Up and Running in 72 hours!
  • Compatible with Apple, Windows, Android!
  • Compatible with Any PC, Tablet, Smartphone!
  • FREE Online Training – FREE Weekly Online Classes! These classes are set-up and run to keep all your staff educated and up-to-date with all of COPA’s capabilities.
  • Best Customer Support in the Industry
  • Online Family Recruitment (English/Spanish)
  • Digital Library & Signature Capture Capability
  • HR & Professional Development Module
  • Flexible Assessment Platform: School Readiness,Family Partnership, ROMA, CLASS, ECERS, etc.
Universal Application Growth & Nutrition Tracking Childcare – Fees tracking
Multiple Criteria Eligibility Health & Disabilities Home Visits – Case Management
Attendance & Meal Count HR & Professional Development Self Assessment & Monitoring
Chronic Absenteeism Tracking Volunteer & In-Kind Tracking Calendar – Auto scheduling
Customizable Assessment Family Engagement Outcomes Customizable Exportable Reports


COPA allows you to use readily available cost-effective gadgets and technology to streamline your internal processes and surpass data compliance requirements.  Some examples are listed below:

  • Using a regular smartphone, tablet or notebook, you can take pictures of your staff, children, parents, volunteers and upload them directly to a child, family, or staff record.  This allows for a centralized storage of all pertinent documents associated with a child/family/staff record.  By centralizing this process, you can audit and assure compliance with state, federal and agency requirements.
  • Given the high resolution of today’s mobile cameras such as the ones in Smartphones and tablets, you can also scan documents (income verification, employment verification, address verification etc.) using such devices and upload for verification etc.
  • Using a regular smartphone, tablet or notebook, you can type case notes directly into a child or family record.  This saves a lot of  time and allows you to handle more cases and be more productive.
  • Using a central intake touchscreen kiosk at each site/location (cost as low as $300), a child or family application can be completed, signed right on the touchscreen and emailed to the applicant.
  • Using the online recruitment form on your website allows families to complete a service application directly from your website.  Any internet enables gadget can be used to access your agency’s online family recruitment form.  This process saves data entry time for your staff and allows a much more streamlined system.
  • COPA can be accessed from any internet enabled device such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola with any operating system including Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Legacy.

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