Data Management Tools to Help You Stay Productive

While Working From Home

As Head Start grantees coordinate with their local authorities to implement policies related to center closures, staff are looking for ways to transition to working remotely.

Working from home brings its own set of challenges, but having the right tools can make it easier to stay productive.

For example, being able to log into a database with just an internet connection makes it easier to access information and coordinate with others. As a fully web-based data management solution, COPA offers numerous features to help make remote work a smoother transition.

A fully web-based data management solution, COPA has many tools that can help agencies and grantees stay on top of their data management efforts — regardless of where they work.

Below are five features you can take advantage of to help you manage your data while working from home.

1) Notifications – an essential communication tool when you need to reach groups of parents and staff quickly. Customized emails can be created for any topic and saved as templates. The email notifications can then be sent to groups of people in one neat batch. And text notifications are particularly helpful when it comes to reminders and announcements.

>> To help agencies maintain a reliable channel of communication with families and staff, COPA is offering the Notifications module for FREE to Head Start and CAP agencies. >>

Directors of Head Start agencies, Community Action Programs (CAP) and other early childhood education programs can contact Tom Sweeney or Lucy Mendez for more details.

2) Web-based — having a web-based service means you can access and manage your database from anywhere. In other words, you have full functionality and access to the COPA database, even when working from home. Using an internet connection, you can log-in to the database from any device, including tablets and mobile phones. Here’s a video to help you set-up COPA access from a mobile phone or Samsung tablet, in just two clicks.

3) Real-time – lets you see your data as soon as it is collected. Our centralized application process makes data collecting and connecting seamless. This is particularly helpful when it comes to reports. With real-time data, you don’t need to wait until the next upload to see accurate information.

4) eDocs – an electronic document library makes it easier to access information when you’re out of the office. It’s also much more secure than carrying around a laptop with pre-loaded software files. Documents can be uploaded or downloaded as needed, with proper access level to ensure maximum security.

5) Online Parent Portal – gives more people access to apply for services. Using the online parent portal, parents can apply for services without physically visiting a center. All the child and family information, including income qualification, can be obtained online once a parent creates a login. They can even upload supporting documents and choose a preferred site. If a slot is available at a chosen location, and if the applicant meets predetermined qualification criteria, the system will auto-reserve a slot. In other words, a spot is automatically reserved when certertain criteria is met. Once an application comes in, staff can access, review and verify all information.

If you’re interested in learning more about COPA services, start with 7 Reasons Every Head Start Agency Needs an All-in-One, and the Universal Application post, including a helpful infographic.

For more information about our FREE Notifications Module offer, please contact or call 818-304-0110.

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