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Managing Head Start Data During COVID-19

Temperature checks and health screenings, mask use and social distance guidelines, cleaning logs and COVID-19 check lists — are now part of our new normal. Managing all this new data will require re-thinking how to use technology for many Head Start agencies.

Providers are finding themselves drafting new policies and protocols to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their children, families, staff and volunteers.

At the same time, they are considering logistics such as inventory and resource management, quick and reliable group notifications, training videos and assessments, and sharing lesson plans with remote learners, just to name a few.

And asking themselves – how can I use technology to help me track all this?

COPA offers a powerful data management solution for you to track, monitor, and report Head Start data in one secure location. With an online solution that is HIPPA and FERPA compliant, COPA is the go-to software for managing Head Start data.

Most of our modules can be customized and configured to track what’s important to your program.

9 COPA Tools you can use manage Head Start data during COVID-19.

  1. Online Parent Portal to manage applications and stay in contact with parents
  2. Document Management Routing (DMR) to streamline tasks and maintenance requests
  3. Inventory module to track and manage supplies like masks, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, etc.
  4. Digital Parent Sign-in makes it possible to capture signatures on a mobile device, eliminating using paper and cleaning pens
  5. Create and share Assessments, with results available the moment it is complete
  6. Send group email and text notifications to parents and staff
  7. Monitor compliance for new COVID-19 protocols
  8. Customizable labels and filtering to track remote and blended attendance
  9. Built-in and SMART Reports are available in real time

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