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Head Start Monitoring and Audit Tools

Collecting compliance information across spreadsheets and text docs is tedious and ultimately ends up as a pile of scattered data. It takes hours to prepare and create reports. This ultimately results in manual monitoring and room for errors.

Having an organized data management system makes your job way easier.

Imagine being able to create audit tools and checklists that all live in one convenient location.

What if that system also offered built-in reports, customizable text and email notifications, and digital signatures?

It’s possible.

COPA’s Monitoring Module is part of a comprehensive data management solution, designed specifically for Head Start and CAP programs.

We deliver a powerful platform to monitor compliance with up-to-date Head Start Performance Standards, federal and state regulations, and any locally funded program requirements.

Our goal is to help you stay ahead of auditors. You’ll have all the tools and training to monitor and manage important information for every agency, department, and classroom.

Below are four ways you can use COPA to optimize Head Start monitoring.

1) Audit Tools and Checklists

Recreate your favorite audit tools and checklists using a variety of text, numeric, data, and check-box format options. Once compliance indicators are set up and mapped, COPA can automatically flag non-compliance and/or areas for improvement.

When something is not in compliance, you can create follow-ups and determine action plans. Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and track status updates without ever leaving the database.

If you work with a team, built-in tools like calendar events, reminders, and email notifications will make your job even easier.

2) Reports

Detailed reports let you drill down into the data at the agency, department, and classroom level. You’ll know exactly which sites or agencies were visited, the date, the audit tools used, and any non-compliance indicators.

3) Digital Signatures

Once an audit is complete, auditors and anyone involved in the monitoring can digitally sign off on the visit. The visit summary can then be saved electronically.

4) Single screen view

See and review the entire history of a visit, including notes, comments, and attached documents on a single screen. Expand and collapse information within different areas as needed without switching tabs.


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