Head Start Online Application

Head Start Online Application








Families can apply for services online! anytime! anywhere!

The Head Start Online Application module allows agencies to streamline their Recruitment process.  By giving the option to families to apply online in English or Spanish, they can save staff data entry time and focus on more important parts of the process.

Using the Head Start Online Application module by COPA, you can:

1- Set-up in-office computer kiosks and have your families enter information directly into a digital application

2-Have dedicated Head Start Online Application computer tablets (apple ios, android, or windows) for more mobility in the intake process

3-Have a link on your website so families can apply for services from anywhere using any gadget

Once an application is submitted, it resides in the recruitment section of your database.  Dedicated staff can view, verify and transform into an actual service application.  This Head Start online application module can be configured and personalized to your specific agency for pre and post submission.

We invite you to see the Head Start Online Application module in a free demo.  Our objective is to provide as much advanced technology to our Head Start agencies to assist them in creating efficiency in their operation and ultimately providing a better service to their communities and needing children.

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