Head Start Program Compliance






head start program compliance

On 02/10/2015, the Final Rule on Head Start Eligibility was published in the Federal Register.  It codifies statutory eligibility requirements revised in the ‘Improving Head Start Act of 2007’ and strengthens procedures programs use to determine eligibility. Click To See OHS Rule

Categorical vs. Income Eligibility Option

Per Office of Head Start (OHS), families receiving TANF or SSI need to be Income Eligible rather than Categorically Eligible.  With COPA, you can be in compliance with one click!


Upload, Organize, Centralize, Control!

COPA eDocs allows your agency to upload, organize, centralize, and control your documents on a safe Cloud-Based server.  Your sites can upload documents such as Income Verification (OHS Requirement), and other documents for Child, Family, Staff & Volunteers. 


Documents can be viewed virtually to ensure procedure compliance with OHS guidelines. Digital Signature Capture is now available!

COPA has designed an intuitive, scalable and powerful database management & reporting software for Head Start, Early Head start, Child Care Partnership and Community Action Partnerships.

You can grow your organization seamlessly by adding Head Start, Early Head Start, Child Care Partnership and Community Action programs.  There are many aspects of programs that need to be kept separate and there are some factors that need to be aggregated.

COPA manages your programs better!!

We invite you for a thorough demo! For any questions, please contact COPA at 1.800.780.7006 or email nimaz@mycopa.com