Head Start Recordkeeping and Reporting

Connecting Data for Meaningful Analysis

Data management is more than just collecting and storing data. Sure, recordkeeping is important…

But the real power of an effective data management solution is the ability to pull and organize data into meaningful reports.

COPA has more than 200 built-in reports for early education programs, including Head Start and Early Head Start. Our comprehensive auto-calculated PIR report is updated regularly to comply with ever-changing Head Performance Standards and requirements.


How to Use Built-in Reports


Hundreds of reports are available in table and chart (or pie) view, and categorized by topics.

From Assessments, Attendance, Enrollment, Case Management, Demographics, Health and Immunization, to Organizational and Group Processing – you can generate and organize reports with program-, family-, and child-level data.

In other words, you can filter and customize reports for a panoramic view, or drill down to see where to focus extra attention.

For example, our Chronic Absenteeism report translates attendance data into tables and charts that provide an overview of chronic absences. You can then filter by site location or classroom, and even see child-level data.


What are SMART Reports?

When it comes to data-driven decisions, it’s important to understand what the data is telling you. That’s where SMART reports come in.

COPA’s SMART Reports help you make sense of your data.

They enable you to audit the data within your database, and identify any existing gaps. By customizing and choosing queries uniquely important to your early childhood education program, you can get meaningful answers.

Imagine you need to know how many children in your program come from homeless families? Or the number of children who’s parent(s) has been incarcerated?

With COPA, you can build a SMART report that includes those exact parameters. You can then save the report, link it to your dashboard, or download it.


An effective data management solution for early education programs is only as good as its reporting capabilities. The ability to filter and customize reports is worth its weight in gold.

COPA is the leading data management solution for early childhood education and Head Start programs with powerful reporting features for early education and community action programs. We are the only system to provide data management for multiple programs, on one platform.

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