COPA Software is a powerful data management solution for Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant & Seasonal, State Pre-K, and other early childhood programs.

Serving children and families requires A LOT of data entry and data management. From the application and assessments, through to enrollment and attendance — it takes a lot of time to enter, cross reference, and manage data.

COPA Software is designed to optimize data collection, data management, and reporting. Our easy to use software is designed to allow maximum customization and flexibility.

COPA makes it easy to switch between tasks and work with multiple children at once. We make it easier for you to focus on what you do best – providing the best possible services for children and families.

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Centralized Intake Process

We created two convenient ways for families and to apply for services online, saving your staff precious time. There’s no need to duplicate data entry efforts with COPA’s Universal Application.

Once an application is submitted online all of the family information is stored securely and can be accessed across multiple areas in the database. This saves time and double data entry during the intake interview because all the information is already available.

Parent Portal Online Application and Access

Families can create a unique user ID and apply for services online through COPA’s Parent Portal.

The online application collects vital family information, including demographics and income level, and lets them upload all required paperwork into a secure digital library. They can even electronically sign their documents and upload images as well as PDFs.

Our unique technology allows families choose the services they desire and lets them know which programs are available in their area. We’ve even taken the extra step to automate the eligibility waitlist and reservation process.

Manage Enrollment for Multiple Program Types & Funding Sources

COPA is designed to help you track eligibility and enrollment for multiple programs and funding sources. You can set eligibility requirements, and track enrollment and attendance with just a few clicks.

The system will guide your staff on which services are available to a family based on their eligibility and defined criteria. This is particularly useful for agencies offering both Head Start and CAP services.

Set Enrollment Priorities

Set custom eligibility criteria for all your programs, like Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant and CAP — in one software solution. We make it possible for your agency to use custom eligibility requirements to determine the best services for the children and families who need it most.

COPA updates the OHS requirements annually so you always stay incompliance.

Track Dual Enrollment

You can track and accurately report dual enrollment for children who are attending multiple programs.

Available in English and Espanol

COPA is completely bi-lingual with all information within the software available in English and Spanish. You can switch languages back and forth with just one click.

Streamlined Migrant & Seasonal Tracking

Accurately track children and families who are part of the Migrant and Seasonal Head Start program. With COPA you keep complete records of enrollment and transitions, and automatically calculate income from agricultural work.

Historical Data for Children and Families

COPA keeps a detailed enrollment record for each child during the whole time they are with your program. Once a child leaves the program they can be archived and un-archived as needed.

The data is kept for five years. This means if a child that skips a year, their historical data can be accessed without re-entering the information from scratch.

Reporting and PIR

More than 200 built-in reports are available to track program performance and maintain compliance with funding grants. COPA automatically and accurately calculates unique number of unduplicated kids for the PIR report.

You can even design your own SMART reports for a panoramic view of the most important information.

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