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How to Optimize Your Document Routing System

Document routing can be a source of frustration for many Head Start and CAP programs. Whether it’s a purchase order approval, staff time sheets, work orders or maintenance request review, the experience of routing and tracking document approvals and follow-ups is usually manual and involves a lot of emails.

According to an Adobe poll from 2019, we spend an average of 352 minutes PER DAY checking emails. That’s FIVE hours and 52 minutes spent sending, receiving and searching through email.

If your document routing and management process involves sending emails, we’re about to show a much better system that’ll save you time and increase efficiency.

Say hello, to the COPA Document Management Routing system (DMR)!

With a document routing and management system like COPA, you can quickly streamline your requests for approval. For example, you can create forms, attach documents, and forward the request without ever leaving the COPA database.

What is a Document Routing System?

Document routing is essential when it comes to boosting efficiency and eliminating unnecessary steps in the process. Rather than scanning documents into files, and then emailing those files, document routing makes it easy to directly forward a request or document for approval to the recipient. A document routing and management system allows you to avoid toggling between screens, and inundating your inbox.

Using software solutions like COPA, you can optimize the document routing process and create a sustainable workflow that saves you time.

Who needs a Document Routing System?

All Head Start, Early Head Start, CAP and early childhood education providers administering multiple programs, with a single or multiple funding source, need a reliable document management routing system. Consider your current process for generating and tracking purchase requisitions, staff time sheets, and work request forms for multiple funded programs. If you’re using multiple solutions to manage your documents, you’re probably adding layers of unnecessary work to your already busy day.

Which Document Routing System is Right for You?

There are many document routing solutions you can implement inside your agency. Using email and spreadsheets means you’re juggling communication and data management in separate places. Making sense of it all usually requires third party providers. But those are typically designed for businesses rather than early childhood education and funded programs like Head Start and CAP. And while there is certainly no shortage of document routing systems on the market, most require some kind of integration with your Head Start data management software.

The document routing system in COPA is organically built into the database, and can be activated upon request. Once you activate COPA DMR you can pull information from other areas of the database.

For example, you can set-up requirements to generate forms at the agency and site level. Then finalize and push the documents directly to a designated inbox within your COPA database. The recipient will receive an email notification to check their COPA DMR inbox.

All this this means you’ll spend less time searching emails, and more time on actual document approval. And if your requests require follow-up, you can easily set that up once the forms are created.

Benefits of COPA Document Management Routing

  • Save time on document approvals and follow-ups
  • Streamline purchase requisitions and work maintenance requests
  • Quickly review and approve staff time sheets
  • Take action and monitor progress on IT work orders
  • Route forms directly to an individual or group of recipients
  • Upload documents and monitor forms
  • No downloads or integration required

Want to Optimize Your Head Start Document Management System?

COPA’s powerful platform makes it easy for Head Start programs to manage document routing and approval in one secure location. You’ll never need to install software or download plug-ins. Just activate the DMR module and start generating forms.

COPA DMR is available at a nominal cost to COPA users with a monthly subscription. If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing your document routing and management process, please submit a demo request.


NOTE: If you’re already a COPA user, please follow the support channels set for your organization.


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