You need to go paperless to save time and money. You’re considering electronic cloud based document storage. However, you’ve discovered that services often miss the vital element of maintaining HIPAA and FERPA compliance. You need an electronic file library specifically designed for early education and community action agencies. Cloud storage must at least provide access restriction to keep client data secure and private. Then, you have groups of files unorganized and easy to share with the wrong people accidentally. Worse, it’s nearly impossible for you to find what you need with an auditor looking over your shoulder.

COPA eDocs Electronic Document Library Module provides fully HIPAA and FERPA compliant storage. It permanently associates each file with a family, child, staff member, volunteer, agency, site, location, and general user for easy future access.

COPA eDocs also allows for secure file sharing between all authorized parties right inside your secure database. No more emailing vital documents and hoping they arrive safely.

Imagine your work load lightened with instant access to every document you need, when you need it, and the peace of mind that your client’s data is safe.

For more details, be sure to contact and schedule a detailed demonstration.

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