Meet Emma Sanchez!

She has a unique SUPER-POWER …


Emma is COPA’s Implementation Manager with a unique SUPER-POWER: she intuitively understands the needs of Migrant Seasonal HS programs.

That’s because Emma’s is a real-life Head Start success story.

We sat down with Emma for a candid chat about her upbringing and the lessons she learned as a child attending a Migrant Seasonal Head Start program.

Her life journey is a true testament to the power of early education.

Q: Emma, what was your experience with MSHS growing up?

A: As one of seven children growing up with Migrant parents, we moved a lot. We spent winters in Visalia and summers in Modesto, and la escualita was a constant in my life. The compassion and care from teachers and staff made my time at the centers literally the best hours of the day.

Q: How did it shape your future career?

Migrant Seasonal Head Start gave me the tools to be self-sufficient and the confidence to make decisions. Like when I couldn’t qualify for low-income child care, I asked for a job at a local agency as a way to make ends meet. Moving through the ranks, from receptionist to assistant Vice President at a Head Start agency, I also realized it was my way to give back. To support staff serving families and children in need.

Q: What’s the best part of your job at COPA?

I get to help clients navigate and understand a new data management system, from beginning to end. From configuration to creating assessments and managing reporting, I’m there to help them every step of the way. We build a relationship, and they know they can rely on my help when they need it.

Q: What does COPA offer to MSHS/HS agencies that no one else can?

Our training and support! We spend time training clients and setting them up for success. We’re always available to answer support questions, or offer a webinar to educate new staff. And it’s included at no extra cost. That’s something we’re very proud of!

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