copasnapshot_horizontal_web_431x534Office of Head Start released the New HEAD START PROGRAM PERFORMANCE STANDARDS for 2016. Section 1302.101 refers to the new requirement for a Management System which helps programs collect and analyze data to ensure continued program improvement.

video-button-squareCOPA is the most comprehensive web-based database management system  for Head Start, Early Head Start, EHS-CCP, State Pre-school & Community Action.  Let COPA help you meet & exceed OHS Performance Standards!

  • 100% Web-Based
  • Full Calendar Capabilities
  • Cloud-based Document storage
  • Online Family Recruitment
  • Patent-Pending Customize-able Dashboard
  • Monitoring
  • Assessment Platform
  • Growth & Nutrition, Health & Disabilities
  • HR & Professional Development, Volunteer & In-Kind
  • Child & Family Goals, Case Notes
  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • Barcode Scanning Capabilities
  • All inclusive set-up and training


Modern technological advancements make our everyday lives easier and more efficient. So why are you still using old technologies and expecting better results?  Let us show you how to improve your Child and Family Outcomes by using COPA’s 100% Web-Based Platform! Increase productivity and efficiency  through intuitive design, increased mobility, stream-lined work process and expert analytics!  Schedule a FREE DEMO and see how you can meet & exceed the New Head Start Program Performance Standards for 2017 and beyond!

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