One of many new Head Start requirements is to track teachers, home visitors, & family child care providers who received assistance from a mental health consultant through observation and consultation.

You’re working so hard already. It’s so important for you to keep providing services for the children. However, it’s time to take a look at your own mental state too.

COPA can help make it easy.

COPA’s HR (Human Resources) Module is already a comprehensive staff management system. Now, it captures staff and teacher mental health assessments, screenings, and reviews also. You have continuous awareness of your staff morale, mental state, and focus.

Additionally, COPA’s HR Module can automatically notify you of upcoming expiration dates for certifications, licenses, permits, and other vital qualifications.

Staff and teacher experience and growth in an organization is easily tracked, monitored, and reported on in real-time. This makes your life much easier.

For more details, be sure to contact and schedule a personal demonstration.