Remote work, learning, and family engagement.

Take attendance remotely too!

Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant Head Start, state funded pre-k, Universal Pre-K, Pre-K for All, community services, energy assistance, LIHEAP, WIC, USDA, workforce programs, staff professional development, and so many more require taking, monitoring, and reporting on attendance.

How can you take attendance for children, families, staff, and volunteers safely?

COPA’s Card Scan Module allows teachers and Welcome Committees to take child attendance…and record meals, snacks, and field trips…with a bar code scanner.

It also allows staff to clock in for work.

Record attendance for: family engagement participation, volunteer hours, and staff training registration with a simple click.

Your data automatically populates in COPA in real-time for accurate reporting and visual analysis of your whole program.

For more details, contact and schedule a demonstration.