PIR Not Required for 2019-2020

What it means for Programs going forward

2019-2020 PIR Not Required

The Office of Head Start recently announced that the 2019-2020 PIR will not be required.

The decision to cancel the annual performance report amid a COVID-19 outbreak spotlights several important factors.

First, that a reliable data management system has never been more important. And second, that flexibility and remote access are key to ensuring a continuation of data tracking during an emergency.

Navigating Data Management during COVID19

Head Start grantees are navigating unchartered waters when it comes to tracking and managing data for services they continue to provide. Some have figured out creative ways to engage with families and provide online instruction. But it remains entirely unclear how to track this activity.

Moreover, it presents the question of how to best use and interpret the data they have collected. Programs are finding themselves asking questions like —

What can we learn from this?

And, how can the data we’ve collected help us move forward?

According to their statement, “OHS wants to eliminate the reporting burden of the PIR as well as remove any confusion on how certain elements of the PIR could be collected and interpreted when programs are closed.”

Sure, not having to file a PIR report will undoubtedly provide relief for agencies that have struggled to maintain accurate data over the last few months. Even still, continuing to collect, manage and report accurate data can help programs see the big picture of their performance.


Flexible Data Management Tools

COPA clients can continue to track their data, including what is mapped to the PIR, as well as build and access reports. We are also making it easier for clients to take advantage of tools that help them do their job while working from home.

For example, our Online Parent Portal, Text and Email Notifications, and eDocs Digital Library modules make it easier to continue Recruitment activities even while practicing social distancing.

Programs can post a unique URL link to an Online Parent Portal and begin collecting applications from families. Staff can review the applications, verify eligibility, and stay in contact with parents, without ever leaving the COPA database.

You can find more information about our online Recruitment Tools. Or, if you’re ready to book a demo submit a request below.


What’s Next?

COPA is working on updating our software to reflect additional changes outlined in the 2020-2021 PIR Form.

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