Child, Outcome, Planning & Administration

COPA is a comprehensive 100% web-based, powerful, scalable, customizable and user-friendly application providing real-time data collection, assessment, monitoring, reporting, organizational work-flow, referrals and file sharing capabilities.

COPA is the result of more than 16 years of on-going development in collaboration with early childhood and human services municipalities and is currently in use by Head Start, Early Head Start, Child Care, Community Action, Migrant, Departments of Health & Human Services, School Districts and more.


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Childcare Management & Head Start Software, and More.

Welcome to Mycopa’s COPA page! COPA stands for Child Outcome Planning & Administration, and it is the product of over 14 years of ongoing development with early childhood and human service municipalities. If your agency is in need of a powerful, easy to use software program for Child Care Management, Head Start, Early Head Start, or Community Action Programs, then COPA software can serve that need. Take a closer look at what makes COPA software the ideal application for your agency.

Benefits of COPA Software

COPA software offers your agency a vast array of benefits. These include being 100% web based, user friendly, and more. We’ll go into further detail below.

100% Web Based

One of the benefits of COPA Childcare Management and Head Start Software is that it is accessible on multiple devices. It is a 100% web based program, so you can access the program from your main office, agencies or sites. You can use COPA on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. COPA is all-platform friendly, you can use COPA on Windows legacy, Windows 8, Apple iOS, and Android powered devices. Anywhere you can use the internet you can use COPA! Another benefit of it’s being web based is that it requires no disk space from your computer. Also, there is no need for you to install any program on your agency computers which is a huge time saver and makes software updates seamless.

User Friendly

Another benefit of COPA is that it is impressively user friendly. Whether you are using the software for childcare management, head start, early head start, community action programs, etc. you can customize the program to meet your agencies specific needs. Its intuitive design makes the program super easy to use. It has customizable “smart reporting’ and even comes with access to a vast series of video tutorials, friendly customer support, and free online training, just in case you need a little help.

More Benefits

COPA software is not only easy to access, and user friendly, it is also very powerful. The program offers real-time data collection, and monitoring. It makes organizational work flow, referrals, and file sharing a breeze. When you implement COPA Head Start Data Management software, you will get a platform which you can customize for ERSEA, Family Services & partnerships including Family Goals & Case notes, Family Visit Reporting, Referrals & Services, Family Engagement, Health Monitoring & reporting, Family Engagement Templates, Assessment Tools, PFCE Assessment, Monitoring & Self-Assessments, Administering & Reporting on Assessments, Site visits, Action plans, and a Dynamic fully customizable Dashboard. When it comes to Childcare Management and Head Start Software programs, COPA gives you all that you’re agency needs and more!

Free Demo

COPA is already being used by thousands of Child Care, Head Start, Early Head Start, Community Action, Migrant, Department of Health & Human Services, School Districts nationwide. Now that you have seen what makes COPA such a great investment, let us demonstrate how this powerful software can help your Childcare Management or Head Start Program become more Efficient & Effective. Call us today at 1.800.780.7006.