COPA is an all-in-one data management solution designed for Head Start, Early Childhood Education, and CAP programs with multiple funding sources.

Imagine being able to manage your Head Start, Early Head Start and CAP programs using just ONE software.

COPA offers tools for agencies running multiple programs to see a panoramic view of performance and report outcomes within one robust system.

Our features give you the flexibility to review and accept online applications, manage family profiles, assess service eligibility, monitor sites, track professional development and report outcomes with just a few clicks.

More than 200 built-in reports, including automatic calculations for PIR and CSBG, are available to ensure your agency is always in compliance.

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Using COPA Software Agencies can …

Aggregate and Sort Data

There are dozens of ways to aggregate similar data in COPA.

For instance, a Head Start program could aggregate data about child enrollment, attendance, and health from multiple location sites. Or an Early Head Start program can aggregate data on the total number of home visits that a family services worker conducts.

Collect and Analyze Data Across Time

Collecting data with the same tool for different time periods allows you to compare findings across time. Looking at data across time helps you track progress toward a set goal, and better understand how a program is performing.

As an example, a program working on job training for families can collect data on the percentage of unemployed people at different points in time during the year (i.e. spring, summer, fall, and winter).

Data can then be analyzed to help an agency determine whether it is making progress toward decreasing unemployment among the families they serve.

The agency may find, for instance, that 30 percent of people were unemployed prior to starting services, but that only nine percent did not have jobs after completing the program.

Perform Family and Community Needs Assessment

We know the importance of meeting the PFCE framework standards. It’s why we developed a detailed Needs Assessment that agencies can use during the intake process, as well as throughout the time a family receives services. Similarly, community assessments can help establish benchmark to meet goals and measure the impact of a program.

There are multiple ways to create and manage assessments in COPA. For instance, the Family Assessment tool tracks a family’s engagement with their children and agency stff, while the Family Goals tool provides a four-step road map to track progress, define action plans and assign follow-up responsibilities.

Save Time on Data Entry

The Universal Application is COPA’s centralized intake process which allows you to enter data once and access it across numerous areas and modules within the software.

For example, data collected about a family, including demographics, employment status, income level, etc., can be automatically mapped to reports and summary pages. This means you can spend less time entering data and more time serving families.

Visualize Data with Dashboards, Charts and Graphs

Customized dashboards make it easy to tell a visual story with data. Looking at data at a high level can help reveal patterns about your agency’s programs and services.

Use graphs to identify areas that meet compliance and focus on ones that need improvement. For a panoramic view of Charts and grids offer high level statistics or drill down for a closer look at various aspects of your program.

Select a Program Type to Get Started ...

Head Start / EHS / Migrant Head Start

Agencies who offer Head Start, Early Head Start, and Migrant Head Start programs.

Community Action (CAP)

Community Action Agencies providing services like LIHEAP, Weatherization, Food and Housing Assistance, etc.

State Preschool & Universal Pre-K

Linking early childhood education data for state preschools and school districts.

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