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This week it became clear that many of us will be working from home for quite some time.

And as remote work becomes your new normal, COPA is here to support the transition to ensure a seamless continuity of services for the families and children in your communities.

We are laser focused on delivering uninterrupted service and full system functionality, whenever and wherever you need.

>> Use the Parent Portal FREE for TWO months! <<

Our aim is to provide solutions for parents, staff and educators to stay organized and productive.


– Submit applications online through the Parent Portal

– Upload supporting documents

– Securely access files and reports

– Receive email and text notifications from staff

Support Staff:

– Securely access files and documents online with eDocs digital library

– Continue training online with video tutorials and manuals

– Fill out training and self-assessment surveys, and review their scores

– Track and attend coaching sessions and meetings


– Conduct classes online

– Upload YouTube videos into their classroom dashboards

– Share lesson plans with parents

Secure Access to Database

COPA is software-as-a-service (SaaS) which means you can access your database from anywhere, using a computer or mobile device and internet connection. No additional software or downloads needed.

Our support staff is available during regular business hours (6am PST – 6pm PST) Monday – Friday.


Continuing to serve you, so you can serve others!


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