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Text and Email Notifications for Head Start and CAP

Staying in contact with parents, teachers, staff, and volunteers doesn’t have to be time consuming. When it comes to group notifications, the biggest time suck is the data entry required to maintain updated lists.

If your student identifcation sysstem (SIS) includes a combo of simple spreadsheets and data management software, you’re likely spending lots of time organizing, uploading, and downloading lists to send an email or text notifications.

COPA Notifications is a powerful tool for Head Start and CAP programs to streamline text and email communications with parents, staff and volunteers. Without costly third-party services.

Deliver and Track Communications

U.S. Federal regulations require Head Start agencies to maintain timely and accurate communications on program-related issues with parents, staff, volunteers, and the community. COPA’s Notification module is the ideal tool to help you maintain communication compliance.

With Notifications, you can send text and email messages quickly and easily, without leaving your COPA database. The functionality is built directly into COPA, which means there are no API or additional integrations required. You can pull data directly from existing profiles and data sheets for families, children, and staff.

Deliver and track communications with simple to use technology and real-time reports. A detailed message log with delivery status information is available, and can be exported as a PDF.

Send Reminders to Maximize Participation

Besides communications compliance, Notifications can help your Head Start agency achieve other important goals. Notify parents about COVID-19 related policies like wearing masks and new sign-in and out procedures. Maximize social services participation by sending reminders to parents and guardians about upcoming visits. Automate common communications to help ERSEA staff manage the application and enrollment processes. And improve parent engagement by communicating with parents about educational programming, lesson plans, and class schedules.

Get Email and Text Notifications for FREE

Notifications is included with your COPA subscription, at no additional cost. This means you can take advantage of full service email and text messaging capabilities without engaging or paying third-party vendors.

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