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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download an app?

No. COPA is a completely web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) data management solution. Users can log into their agency’s profile at any time using any device and an internet connection. No installation or downloads needed.

Does COPA have customizable dashboards?

Yes, all COPA dashboards are customizable and access controlled. With a customized dashboard you can see the most important information at a glance. Set quick-links for easy access to important reports and visualize data in charts and graphs.

Which features are included with my subscription?

All subscriptions come with customizable features and modules. COPA is designed to be flexible, powerful and scalable. This means that COPA can grow with your organization and deliver software solutions that meet your unique needs.

Which reports are available?

COPA has over 200 built-in reports, including PIR and CSBG. Once data is entered it gets mapped directly to the PIR and CSBG to ensure you never have to enter data twice. You can even design your own SMART report and see analytics in real-time.

Can I track dual enrollment?

COPA lets you track dual enrollment for children who are enrolled and attending more than one program. The system automatically calculates unique and unduplicated results even for dual enrollment.

Can you see all child level data in one place?

Absolutely. COPA’s Child Portal pull all data on each child into one convenient and easy to navigate portlet. Gain instant access to attendance, enrollment, health, and demographic information on a single page.

Can I set eligibility requirements in an online application?

Yes. Eligibility requirements can be defined for any program type and funding source. Customizations are also available for more complex eligibility processes.

Can I upload images to a digital library?

Definitely. You can upload images and documents securely direcly into the e-Docs digital library. COPA is HIPPA and FERPA compliant, which means that photos taken with your phone and uploaded to e-Docs are never stored on your device.

Can COPA track dual language classrooms?

Yes. The language instruction can be defined by a SuperAdmin.

Do you offer custom reports?

You can design and create custom SMART reports with real-time data and analytics. Or, use one of more than 200 already built-in reports.

Is there an extra cost for customer support?

Customer support and ongoing training is included with every annual subscription at no additional cost! Periodically we offer in-depth on-site trainings at a reasonable consulting rate.

Can I set eligibility requirements

Yes! You can define custom eligibility requirements for any program type.

Can I avoid double data entry?

Our unique Universal Application makes data entry fast and easy. Data is entered once and applied to multiple programs, fields and reports.

Can I filter reports by year?

Yes! COPA has numerous report filter options including by year, location, and classroom.

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